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Letter to the President March 26, 2014

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A letter sent to president Barack Obama asking to initiate direct, high level dialogue with the Cuban government. Exercise his executive authority to remove Cuba from the United States’ list of state sponsors or terrorism. Exercise his executive authority to lift all restrictions on people-to-people travel between the United States and Cuba.



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Congo Global Voice

By David Albertyn

On January 30, 2014, in the dimly lit, casual setting of Clave Social, Torontonians beheld a call to action by Congo Global Voice, in the official launch of their campaign to promote solidarity with the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  The event kick started the multi-city tour that will build the foundation for the Congo Global Conference, to be held in Toronto during Congo Week from October 23 to 25 of this year.

After some mingling, some snacks, and perusal of Congolese literature, artwork, and films, the evening began in earnest with the screening of Cuba: An African Odyssey, a film that not only details the deep connection between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Cuba at the time of Congo’s independence, but also brilliantly contextualizes each country’s standing internationally during the cold war era. The film focuses on a fascinating incident in Congo’s…

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